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The Alamak Project is designed to be a fun social community where you can make friends and do interactive things!


Welcome to the new and improved Alamak! Inside our chat you will find it resembles the old one. However, this is a completely new innovation. We have programmed it from the ground up using all the latest technology and improvements. We have a very unique leveling system that works almost like XP in a video game (more on that in a section below). In general, everything should work smoother, faster and better. Although there are some aspects from the old Alamak we chose not to include, or purposely chose to function differently. In short we took all that we thought was the best and combined it with a lot of unique ideas to make this the best Alamak experience ever! So how does this work and how do you level up? Let's get started!

What About Level Caps?

There are no level caps! There is no maximum level cap period. Neither are there caps monthly, daily, weekly, etc. You can level as fast as you can earn those chat points!

Chat Points

What are chat points and how do I get them!? Chat points are awarded automatically by the system. They are based on your participation. There is a whole mathematical formula that goes into play here. Not just one or two factors. Time spent logged into the chat, command usage. Whether or not you've been deopped for abuse or suspended. Whether or not you post on the main screen chat. In fact, chat participation in the form of main screen discussion carries a slightly higher weight than all the rest of the formula areas individually so it's always best to jump in to the conversation!

When Are Chat Points Awarded?

That's the best part. Chat points are awarded immediately! As soon as you earn them the system adds them to your total. So it's very possible especially in the beginning when you're lower level to earn at least a level a day or more depending on your participation. However as you level up, they slowly become harder and harder to level up.

How Do I Know How Many Chat Points I Have?

Easy! Up in the very top right hand corner of your screen there is a progress bar that looks just like this:

As you can see it very easily tells you how many chats points you currently have / how many points are required to reach the next level. It has a blue colored progress bar to give you a visual representation of how far you have left to go to the next level. And lastly on the far right side it tells you what the next level you will be when you complete the points requirement listed.

Group Participation

The more chatters there are online in the chat at any given time, the higher percentage of chat points are awarded to every user up until a certain point. For example if there are 20 users online you may get several more chat points per session than if there were 2 users. However, it does have a cap. So there likely wouldn't be much of a difference if there were 500 people online versus say 100. This is however a great incentive for users to tell their friends and get others to join the fun! The more people are around, everyone benefits from faster leveling!

Private Rooms & Chat Points

Chat Points can NOT be earned under any circumstances while in a private room. As soon as you enter a private room whether it is locked or unlocked the system stops calculating chat points for you until you go back to a public room. This stops people from going into a private room to attempt to bypass the spam filter just to spam for points... and also from idling in a private room all day just to collect points. Our system is VERY intelligent and knows when you're trying to cheat it. Don't try to cheat or the system will penalize you!

Spamming For Points?

Can't someone just spam on the main chat and then clear it if no one is around? No, in fact we have a spam system in place. If you spam faster than X amount of messages in X amount of seconds, you'll trigger a message that looks like this:

Once you activate this filter you can not earn chat points for a few seconds, until you stop triggering it and even then for a few seconds after that at least. The best tip would be, don't trigger it! You'd have to hit enter very fast at least 3 or 4 times to trigger it. We wouldn't advise refreshing or hitting enter more than once per second.