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The Alamak Project is designed to be a fun social community where you can make friends and do interactive things!

Kicks / Bans

In almost all cases you MUST kick a user from the chat at least once before banning them. If you do not and someone files an abuse report against you, it is possible you could be deopped. Kicking for CAPS use is not allowed. Kicking for ghost nicknames, or impersonation is not allowed unless it is a case of harasssment.


It is not okay to insult other users, or say things that are intended to hurt their feelings whether jokingly on your part or not. Everyone should show other people the respect they deserve that comes along from everyone treating everyone else how they would want to be treated!


Discussion about politics tends to get heated very quickly. If you want to chat about politics please do so in your private messages. The main chat room is not a forum for spreading political ideas. It's a place people come to escape and have fun or get to know other people.

General Rudeness

We want all users to be respectful of each others rights, the same way you are if you go to a fancy restaurant. You are generally aware of the fact that other people are in the same room as you, and have a right to enjoy their meal or entertainment without you walking over and saying something rude or mean to their face. The same thing applies here. If you are rude to other people, mean, or just down right not a nice person it is likely you may get kicked (or banned for repeated offenses) from the chat.

Racism / Profiling

One of the quickest ways you may find yourself kicked, banned, or even possibly suspended is by using racist language, tones, understones, profiling, or anything that even appears as though you're trying to demean or undermine another race, religion, minority, persons with disabilities, ethnicity, color, organization. Play it safe and don't do it! If in doubt, don't type it out!


If you don't want someone to message you, you can put them on your ignore list by typing /ig username. To view your ignore list or manage type /ig - | It is not okay to kick users for messages sent to you in private messages. You can readily ignore them. If a user sends you a message that you think may be a threat, harmful, or otherwise illegal or cause of concern forward it to one of our committee or office staff for further evaluation.

Main screen harassment is not allowed. If a user asks you at least once to not speak to them or reference them and you continue to do so you may be kicked or banned.

Flooding / Mass Login

Flooding of the main chat screen is prohibited. There is a spam filter in place however if you purposely appear to be trying to override it even by posting slowly but as fast as the filter will allow you may be kicked or banned or deopped. Not to mention when you're spamming and activate the spam filter, everytime the spam message displays in your private message buffer it means you are not able to gain chat points as long as that message continues to show up! So wait a second or to, then continue posting.

Vulgarity / Sexuality / Solicitation

We are all adults here for the most part, however for the sake of everyone in general we do not allow vulgarity or dirty sexual talk on the main screen. If you want to talk dirty to someone or about something dirty, message someone in private to discuss it. We are not going to get into every possible scneario in the rule page however if it's above rated PG-13 it may be cleared or you may be kicked, or banned if you're a repeat offender. Soliciting for cyber sex or dirty chat on the main screen is not allowed and may result in a kick or ban.


This is a north american / western civilization chat room. To ensure our operators can enforce the rules effectively and properly it is necessary that everyone uses english. If you chat in a lnaguage other than english you may be warned privately, cleared, kicked or banned if severe enough.


In the chat it is possible to post hyperlinks. Both as picture links on your nickname and in url messages on the main chat. You may not post links to graphic material, vulgar material, porn, racism, illegal activities, or ANYTHING that would otherwise be deemed against the chat rules. If you're caught posting links to sites in attempts to steal other users information such as login info or passwords you may be suspended permanently!

Illegal Activities

We do not condone discussing any type of illegal activities. This may be gang affilations, drugs or drug use, hacking, or any other topics that might violate local, federal or moral laws.


Any attempts at compromising our system, security or any users login information may result in immediate and permanent suspension of your account.

Phone Numbers / Emails / Personal Information

Since it can sometimes be the case of harassment or "revenge" we do not allow any users to post public information about themselves or others on the main chat screen. Phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc are all prohibited on the main chat screen. If you wish to exchange this information do so privately.

Bulletin Boards

All rules that apply to public chat rooms also apply to any and all bulletin boards including the Committee BB.


Our Committee members are users who have been selected due to their excellent behavior and contributions to the site to help us moderate other users. Committee members may not divulge Comm information to other users who or not Comm or Office Staff. Any Comm found doing so may be removed immediately. Likewise, no users should ask a Committee member for favortism or information that they are not allowed to give out.

Slander of Alamak

We reserve the right to run our business how we see fit. The rules exist for the protection of all members, yourself included. If you do not agree to the rules or do not like the rules, please feel free to not use our services. By using them you agree to the terms and conditions including the right for rules to be modified at any time without notice. In addition, slander of our business within the chat room is not acceptable and may be grounds for a kick, ban, deop or suspension.